Sunflower Land Grants Sneak Peek of Farm Expansion

Sunflower Land to add NFT for expanded land, as well as playable characters with dynamic features.
  • Sunflower Land shows off testnet features and new game builds.
  • SFL token stabilizes around $0.10.
  • Land expansion to demand wood, stone resources and SFL payments.

Sunflower Land plans to introduce farm expansion in the coming months. This step is part of the game’s second stage, when the simple simulated farming game will aim to grow in complexity. Land acquisition will have its own mechanic of crafting and a tool to build up the farm with new blocks. 

All game builds are tentative and will only be active after official announcements. The game does not encourage anyone to over-produce resources. The game introduces new features on testnet before unrolling them in the game. Some of the mechanics of building the farm with the help of goblins are already being tested. 

The game’s economy will be linked to land expansion. Wood and stone will be essential to building a larger farm. All expanded land can be wrapped as NFT. Players can also start the land expansion for free, even without tools, but will need shovel tools to get wood and stone. Pebble and bush expansions are not enough to expand land, but are a training mechanism. 

SFL is also traded and has stabilized around $0.10. But the token is to be more valuable within the game, to speed up progress and upgrading. The goal of Sunflower Land is not to generate as much SFL as possible, and for now, most resources remain within the game. SFL will also have “halvings” where more resource grinding will be needed for producing the asset.

Levels, Dynamic NFT Coming to Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land will also build levels. Land expansion will also have an element of luck, with the newly expanded plots having different resources or even a luck-based size.

The bumpkins, or playable characters, will also have a series of upgrades which will be linked to land expansion as well. Sunflower Land will preserve its feature of being time-intensive and requiring some waiting time for every action. SFL will also be used to cover land costs, in addition to wood and stone. 

Dynamic NFT will be updated in real-time, with all the changes represented on OpenSea if the character is listed.

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