Tacocat Meme Token Prediction: Can TCT Price Rally in 2022

Tacocat (TCT) is a risky meme token with highly active marketing. The launch of the Wild Cards game in 2022 may add value to this new project.

Tacocat is yet another project bringing together the meme token model with a play to earn card game. Much like DOGE-inspired meme tokens, this palindromic asset aims to build a community of holders first. 

TCT, the native token of the Tacocat environment, will be used as both a participation mechanism and a reward system. TCT may get a boost from holders and players, especially after Tacocat launches its P2E game by the end of the first quarter.

Tacocat wants to bring crypto to the mainstream with the Wild Card game. For that reason, TCT will have a total supply of one trillion tokens, which will be distributed during gameplay. 

TCT Price Prediction: 10X Possible?

TCT, like similar sub-penny tokens, has fallen significantly from its peak, losing more than 90% of its value. However, the asset is also capable of posting a 10X gain by moving up one decimal point. 

TCT trades in the $0.000009 range, with significant upside if trading picks up. For now, TCT remains illiquid, with around $245K in daily trading volumes. 

This newly created token is getting a boost from social media mentions. However, TCT is a wild card, with insufficient data to predict trading volumes or price movements. On-chain data show TCT is also highly active on the Binance smart chain, and not all activity has been reflected in the token’s statistics. 

TCT is also only held by 7,809 addresses and is yet to expand its growth. For now, TCT is attractive for its low per-unit price and the potential for a greater upside, but it is also extremely risky for erasing 90% of its value within weeks. 

TCT Has Constant Marketing, Pre-Launch Hype

Despite social media mentions, TCT is a token in the stage of aggressive marketing. This is not dissimilar from Shiba Inu (SHIB). The Tacocat project aims to launch its NFT space soon, along with a direct purchase opportunity. 

For now, TCT is not as accessible, though it may be swapped through a single pair on PancakeSwap.

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