TimeShuffle: Watch This Project for Pre-Alpha, Exclusive NFT Passes

TimeShuffle will offer game-first approach for traditional gamers, while also offering digital assets and NFT for P2E fans.
  • In the coming weeks, the game team will unveil new Web3 tools and assets.
  • TimeShuffle aims for pre-alpha release soon, showcasing its main battle game mechanics.

TimeShuffle reaches out to its community as the game is heading toward a pre-alpha preview. Without revealing too many details, TimeShuffle mentioned its upcoming pre-alpha release. The game’s TIMS token may also arrive soon. 

During a live broadcast with Avalaunch, TimeShuffle and Rocketplays gaming studio also invited users to join the allow list spots for an upcoming Founders Pass mint. The pass will work within the game for perks like monthly mystery boxes, additional NFT and access to the team for suggestions and comments. 

TimeShuffle is also opening the early allow list for its Founders Pass, available for early testing and ongoing benefits. Follow only the official channels of TimeShuffle for announcements and mints. 

Using assets on TimeShuffle is best done through wallets for Avalanche C-Chain. In addition to MetaMask, the newly released browser add-on Core will also allow players to view tokens and NFT. 

TimeShuffle Moves Beyond P2E Model

Just months ago, it was possible to attract players with a staking model and tokenization. During a bull market, this even worked to generate high income from games. TimeShuffle takes a different approach, choosing first to achieve player retention. 

TimeShuffle will go gameplay-first, with the goal of reaching the vast market for traditional gamers. Later, some of the players may be ready to pay for Web3 resources, generating a sustainable revenue model. 

The TimeShuffle team brings experience from free-to-play games, where to keep players returning is more important and makes the next step of monetization even easier. With Web3 technology, TimeShuffle aims to add crypto tokens and NFT in a very seamless way. 

The game intends to support login with existing Web2 identities, while also integrating a seamless wallet for owning all blockchain-based items. 

TimeShuffle Partners with Crabada

TimeShuffle joined another Avalanche game, Crabada. The Crabada community received an invitation to also join the upcoming early mint for Founder’s Pass. 


Crabada was one of the most successful NFT games on Avalanche, and one of the first to build a highly active subnet, Swimmer Network.

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