Top Play to Earn Games: Which Metaverses Attracted the Most Players in February

Top games at the start of February 2022 included Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, Alien Worlds, Farmers World and Uplands.

Play to earn games arrive almost daily, but the top 5 competition remains heated. A handful of games are still rearranging the top 5 headlines. DappRadar once again tracked the best performers in terms of real registered players on the blockchain. 

Social media performance for games often diverges from the actual data for users based on blockchain records.

Axie Infinity still lines up among top 5 play to earn metaverses, despite the problem with the diminishing value of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) rewards and the oversupply of Axie characters. 

Play to Earn Aims to Grab Bigger Chunk of Daily Gaming Activity

Overall, the top 5 most active games in play to earn report about half a million users daily. Play to earn is still a small fraction of the gaming community, which by some estimates is around 1.48B in 2021. But some play to earn games manage to attract as many players as mainstream games such as Grand Theft Auto, based on Steam data. Play to earn is a growth sector and in 2022 top games may continue to expand their audience.

Top games by social media volume form a different list, led by Axie Infinity and including The Sandbox, Undead Blocks, NBA Top Shot, Crypto Ship Co and The Fabled. The popularity of play to earn games may hinge on pivotal announcements, high-profile NFT mints or deliberate social media events and competitions. 

Play to Earn Still Growing Compared to Overall DApp Usage

Play to earn is still a smaller part of the crypto world compared to overall distributed apps, especially DeFi. Still, the Axie Infinity game also finds its way among the top 10 most active distributed apps.

Not all real activity for play to earn games can be estimated, as some metaverses and NFT collections also attract bot activity. Only one of the top 5 games has a presence on Ethereum, showing a trend for activity to cluster on inherently fast networks like EOS, WAX, BSC and the newly launched Ronin network.

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