WAX Blockchain Updates Roadmap to Serve Web3 Developers

WAX hosts top P2E games and plans to offer developers more tools to build their apps and bring users from other networks or from Web2 games.
  • WAX will try to onboard users from other blockchains by boosting compatibility.
  • Web3 developers can use Cloud Wallet for easier user onboarding.
  • WAX remains the venue for some of the most active P2E games.

WAX blockchain is one of the most prominent infrastructures of Web3 space. Already, WAX hosts hundreds of apps, and some of the most active P2E games are among them. WAX provides a mix of game identity and a wallet, driving users to Alien Worlds, Wombat Dungeon Master, Farmers World and other games. 

Recently, WAX updated its roadmap, with additions to its general features including NFT trading. But one of the major upgrades is also meant to help Web3 developers. 


WAX is planning several upgrades that will call to developers by making the chain more accessible. 

WAX Blockchain Calls to Ethereum Developers

Web3 development is still highly concentrated on the Ethereum network, which was the first one to carry significant apps and games. But more Layer 1 blockchains have tried to replicate the success of Ethereum, but with more scale and lower fees. 

In 2023, WAX plans to allow app builders to also develop their own side chains, allowing more computation to happen on-chain. This will scale WAX, which is already one of the fastest and busiest blockchains, capable of serving real-time game transactions. 

Cloud Wallet Helps WAX Developers Onboard More users

The other developer-friendly update will be an ecosystem compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This may allow Ethereum projects to move to WAX with very little code changes.

WAX will also have an Account Creation Paywall Redesign, a feature that will switch users from Web2 to Web3. New game accounts can be created on WAX through a Cloud Wallet. This means players will have the option of having a full blockchain account, if they want to use a game’s tokens or NFT. Either the user or the game team will then complete the onboarding process with a small fee. WAX will be the environment to actively upgrade Web2 game users into Web3.

Cloud Wallet will be the main tech on WAX to make projects reach more users without demanding wallet-creation. Onboarding users to Cloud Wallet will also open the door to multi-chain games, which can move to WAX from other ecosystems. By the end of 2023, Cloud Wallet will also have an accessible mobile version.

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