Altura Offers Web3 Infrastructure Tailored to Gaming with NFT

Altura offers a Developer portal for Web3 teams, and already carries several high-grade Unity-based games.
  • Altura offers Smart NFT, easy minting and transfers for Web3 games.
  • Unity games can access integrated wallet tech and a liquid NFT marketplace.
  • Altura offers building tools for multiple compatible blockchains.

Altura has been around for the gaming boom of 2021, and is now expanding its partnerships in the Web3 gaming sector. The Altura project specializes in NFT and gaming infrastructure, targeting the developers of new P2E features. 

Altura offers a mix of SDK and technology for fast-paced, complex games, which also want exposure to the NFT space.

Altura offers a more tailored approach to NFT, offering easy burn mechanisms, as well as Smart NFT with additional data and potentially changing content. Altura offers game developers the opportunity to create, transfer, burn or change NFT within the game, with no added technical complexity.

Altura Offers Unity SDK

Altura is one of the Verified Solutions for Unity games, powering games like Animera, Oxya Origin, Open World, and Haunted Space. The Altura technology is compatible with any blockchain, and aims to be visible to thousands of gamers. 

NFT minting and distribution are one of the most powerful Altura tools, with the goal of a wide outreach. Altura reports a marketplace of more than 44K unique users, with significant transaction count and liquidity. 

The Altura marketplace also boasts NFT trading volumes of $3.9M, keeping the games in a good position to make their digital items liquid and appealing. The Altura marketplace technology is scalable, and games can alter the data and content of their NFT at no extra cost.

Altura also offers wallet creation as a service with good security. For games that use NFT for onboarding, the technology also allows the creation of on-chain loot boxes. Altura also builds white-label marketplaces that may be customized into native exchanges tied to a specific game. 

Altura Offers Dedicated Developer Portal

One of the Altura features is a dashboard process to integrate Web3 features into games. Developers can access their own portal to start the process and use the features in complex, 3D Unity games.

Altura lets developers make decisions on monetizing their game and adding the perks and economic value of their NFT. The Web3 hub aims to make the process seamless and avoid the reluctance of end users due to technical difficulties. Altura also offers Web2 login and in-game wallet integration, to avoid third-party crypto wallets.

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