Chibi Clash: Watch Out This Cute Game for a Play Test Coming Soon

Chibi Clash is on Polygon blockchain, with a single CLASH asset used within the game, as well as for staking and trading.
  • Chibi Clash is ready with its NFT distribution, and will launch its first play test soon.
  • The game will offer competitive battles and high engagement with rare items.
  • Chibi Clash offers Legends, Citizens and other NFT, used to build a Kingdom and win battles.

Chibi Clash is a newly trending fantasy game with chibi art. The new game offers simulated PvP battles, as well as on-chain assets and the potential to earn. Chibi Clash has not set a deadline for its playtest, but promised the event is coming soon, and will showcase some of the game’s NFT.

Chibi Clash offers the potential for early access. Even building a profile with the game has perks for additional airdrops from other Web3 gaming communities.

Chibi Clash will use lore from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West, as well as th style of previously successful games like Maple Story. Once launched, Chibi Clash will aim to be a high-engagement game, through ownership and regular challenges.

The game involves civilization-building, where players recruit Champions, build an army and join battles to expand their kingdom. 

Chibi Clash was an NFT-first game, creating a collection of 5,555 items with unique features. After the distribution, the game team set out to fulfill the roadmap. The goal was to launch first with a PC version and move on to mobile. Additionally, Chibi Clash will add GameFi features like staking, as well as for NFT lockups and staking.

Chibi Clash will also become a competitive game, where players can gain rare, valuable prizes and trade them on the open market.

Chibi Clash is Powered by Alchemy

The Chibi Clash game is powered by Alchemy, one of the biggest hubs for Web3 builders. The game itself runs on the Polygon blockchain, for which Alchemy provides the building tools. 

Chibi Clash has launched its assets on Polygon, and is now working to gain activity during its testing stage and the official game launch.  The game will have a single asset, CLASH, used both for staking and for in-game purchases.
Currently, Chibi Clash has produced a rich collection of NFT tied to the game’s lore, including the Legends, or fighting Champions. But players can also own Citizens, in addition to Seals and Tokens for in-game advantages.

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