Mar3 Offers Tools for Web3 Marketing Through Social Media Links

Mar3 features are targeting both businesses and end users, with the ability to have a permanent, NFT-based identity on the blockchain.
  • Mar3 is a toolset for social media campaigns, linked to Web3 apps, identities and content creation.
  • The products are targeted at app producers, with a focus on marketers.
  • Mar3 offers DAO access and MAR3 token staking.

The development of Web3 still relies on social media to reach out to potential users. With the abundance of assets and data, having a fast link to social media is key for apps. Projects usually attempt to build a community, and developers now may seek tools to link Web3 events back into Web2 social media. 

Mar3 is one of the sources for these types of tools, targeting developers but also those that seek a form of Web3 marketing. Mar3 also partnered with the Carbon blockchain browser, offering another connection between traditional online presence and Web3 ownership.

Mar3 has also added AI features based on ChatGPT and image technology, and has tested some of its products in beta this June. The AI tools available are targeted both Web3 developers and app producers, as well as to social media marketers, for the creation of AI-generated images and promotional materials.

The AI package is tailored to produce content for the social media side of Web3 projects, making campaigns easier. But the content is not just for passive readers, with the possibility to organize campaigns and target NFT owners. 

Mar3 offers AI tools to set up social media challenges, calling for NFT holders to stake or perform other actions. 

Mar3 Offers Web3 Identity

Mar3 has built its own identity system, which doubles as a Web3 domain name. The service targets both individual users and distributed app developers. 

Mar3 tokenizes the identity, which is held in a wallet similar to an NFT. With that technology, Mar3 offers domain creation, content management, as well as domain name trading. The Mar3 wallet is specialized in making the domain experience as easy as possible, adding to the Web3 connectivity and content ecosystem.

The resources of Mar3 will grow, and the startup will also function as a DAO. All owners of MAR3 tokens will be able to vote on future developments. Influence within the DAO is based on the amount of staked tokens, encouraging the locking of value. Stakeholders can also join the recently added ambassador program to popularize Mar3 products.

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