Aurory Tactics: Reaching Alpha Launch Stage in 2022

Aurory kept building during a dynamic year, still offering ownership and tokens, despite slide in value locked on Solana.
  • Aurory released a grid-defense game with NFT creatures after an active year.
  • The game is still using Solana for ownership, AURY tokens.
  • Players can now participate in content creation and Twitch streaming.

Aurory Tactics achieved active development despite the headwinds in 2022. The game reached the alpha launch stage, while also creating its NFT collection and a working marketplace. Aurory opened its alpha game in mid-December, showcasing its egg-hatching mechanics and the main battle grid.

Aurory Tactics built a grid-based defense game with fast-paced attack and defense action. Players build teams of Aurories by hatching various Eggs with levels of rarity. Then, they use the creatures in battle, picking their attack and defense mechanisms.

The game resembles other similar grid battles such as TimeShuffle and Voxie Tactics, but with its own set of creatures to be owned as NFT. Currently, only the game’s tactics version is built, with an open-world quest coming soon. The three-monster team also resembles the Crabada game, which is also a mix of arena tactics and exploration. Currently, AURy creatures can be sent only on idle exploration.

Aurory is also tokenized with the AURY asset, which has a tentative price at $0.66, with currently very low trading activity. AURY will be part of the in-game earnings and upgrading mechanism. 

Aurory Targets Streamers, Content Creators

Aurory is also picking up the trend of Web3 games to create their own streaming content. The game is getting early favorable reviews, and has now been added to Twitch for streaming.

Additionally, Aurory is running a content creation contest for its community. The deadline for submitting gameplay entries is January 13, 2023. Players are called to submit their unique battles and strategies with prizes for the best content. 

The building of Aurory continued despite the perceived weakness of the Solana ecosystem. The game still uses this blockchain for ownership. However, the value locked in AURY may have diminished, as some of the big DeFi projects have lost value. This means Aurory may shift to a play-to-own game, where the NFT are well-protected. However, AURY may not have the same liquidity and value as with the inflow of funds into Solana DeFi.

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