Decentraland Game Jam: What’s in the 2022 Edition

Decentraland invites venue creators and boosts player count with special events, instead of long-term P2E games.
  • Game Jam open until June 14, now receiving creative submissions for the metaverse.
  • MANA recovers above $1.03, still a top P2E token.
  • MegaCube lines up as one of the top Decentraland events.

Decentraland, one of the thriving metaverse games, is now open for creation with the new edition of Game Jam. Submissions for creative game additions will run until June 14. 

Decentraland also shifted to the model of regular game improvements and events. One of the recent hot metaverse experiences was the MegaCube event, showing the potential for a legendary metaverse location.

MegaCube is a special project of collaboration, showing the potential of the metaverse. The special short-term events also show a new P2E model. Instead of promising regular income for the long term, leading to game grinding, events and tournaments have short-term rewards and competition from dedicated gamers.

The latest MegaCube event added more than 6K dedicated players, both testing the metaverse potential and adding value to Decentraland.

Decentraland also adds value with wearables and collaborations to design metaverse clothes. Since the Fashion Week in March, Decentraland has a try-on function for cosmetic NFTs. Wearables have now achieved 48.2K ETH in trading volumes, with a floor price of 0.002 ETH. 

Events Show True User Potential for Decentraland

The events also show the real usage potential for Decentraland, as not all interactions are recorded on-chain. The MANA token is still running on Ethereum, with some presence on the Solana network. The NFT trades also require the Ethereum network, and Decentraland has not signaled an intention to migrate to another network. 

Decentraland is still the second-best virtual world project, with 2.72 ETH floor price. The map has existed for a few years now, recently closing sales at 2.7M MANA, or above $2.7M in notional value. 

MANA is still trying to recover, trading at $1.03. During the bull market, MANA was expected to reach as high as $10 but stalled around $5. MANA is still key to land plot sales, but the game also gains value from its active user count and the appeal of avatars and wearables.

Decentraland also continues to derive value from virtual museums, mini-games and challenges, small-scale creative projects and corporate events and locations.

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