New Game: Avatara Reaches Launch Stage with Mystery Box Event

Avatara is one of the newly launched games with a full set of NFT services and a playable complex game.
  • Avatara is a new Klaytn-based game with NOX tokens and NFT items.
  • The game launched on January 16, offering multiple servers.
  • Players must use Nox Wallet and link it to a single in-game identity.

Avatara is a newly launched game that adds to the RPG space with a fantasy theme. The game already spent about a week after the launch, staging a Mystery Box event and adding a recent patch. The game arrived after long months of waiting, finally launching its PC version on Jauary 16. The game is live with multiple regional servers, where players can select the most convenient and fastest for their region. 

Avatara is a high-grade MMORPG offering boss battles and team efforts to become the most powerful group of Heroes on the leaderboard. Each playable Avatara can be upgraded to boost skills and expand its godlike powers. Players will be able to also build up new characters and resell them on the market. 

All Avatara players will get access to a marketplace, and will be able to swap any type of in-game item. The original Avatars can also be resold, with a price depending on their rarity. The game’s playable characters include Knight, Archer, Mage, and Rogue.

Avatara is a skills-based game with keyboard controls, allowing for multiple activities, including forms of battle and crafting. Trading is available within the game, with the market accessible through commands. 

Avatara to Offer Multi-Platform Game

Avatara will offer a multi-platform game, starting with a downloadable PC version. The game allows for registration with Facebook or Google identities, which will be used to connect with the game and with Nox Wallet. Players can only have one identity and connect it with a single wallet, and multi-accounting will be discouraged.

Avatara will be tokenized with NOX, a new digital token. Players also had the chance to buy early Mystery Boxes, which will contain a mix of NOX and in-game items. The Avatara Initial NFT Offering (INO) was sold out, showing interest in early access to the game packages and the potential of the new game.

The game will use the Klaytn blockchain, which already hosts a similar style of games such as Brave Nine or GiantN. NOX tokens will exist on both Klaytn and Binance, and will go through regular burns to diminish the supply.

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