Axie Infinity (AXS) New Version Arrives for Rebalanced Rewards

Axie Infinity (AXS) prepares for the next two play seasons with new statistics, in hopes of recovering prices for the SLP reward token.

Axie Infinity launched its update, coming with a reward balancing mechanism. The new reward schedule will be valid for the next two seasons of Axie gameplay, with possible smaller tweaks, as the team promised. 

The chief concern of Axie is to balance the rewards and possibly boost the value of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and taking the asset to a new price level. The game team has additionally tweaked the statistics on the Dawn class of Axies to make them competitive to other classes.

SLP Continues to Slide

SLP is one of the biggest losers for Axie Infinity. In the past month alone, SLP is down around 70%, failing to hold on to the $0.03 range and dropping to $0.011 in the latest market crash. 

For now, staking SLP to create new RON tokens is insufficient to boost the asset’s position. SLP is further driven down by unfavorable cryptocurrency market conditions. 

The sliding SLP price will also affect the Axies scholarship program, as the earnings are not as appealing.

The new play seasons for Axies will show the potential to keep interest in the game. As of January 2022, the floor price of Axies is now only $33.48, sliding away from the much higher valuation of characters in the summer of 2021. 

SLP is instrumental to realizing gains from Axie Infinity, and was one of the major attractors as players could build up a significant income from casual play.

AXS Manages to Recover

The AXS asset regained some of the lost ground after dipping to the $45 range. AXS traded at $52.04 though with about half its usual trading volumes. 

The price of AXS has seen some predictions of a breakout in the coming weeks, following the panic-selling. 

In the longer term, AXS has turned into one of the more intriguing crypto tokens. Grayscale Capital, the producer of crypto-derived investment products, has put AXS in its list of assets under consideration. 

The preliminary exploration does not guarantee AXS will be used immediately in an exchange-traded investment vehicle. But Grayscale’s interest shows the potential of play to earn goes beyond the gaming community.

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