Axie Infinity: Closer to Launching Land Gameplay

Axie Infinity (AXS) delays its land experience launch until next year, but showed a sneak peek at its busy creative team working on buildings and environment.

Axie Infinity is getting closer to adding land assets and plots to its gameplay. The game team planned to launch land at the end of 2021, but has now delayed the final version to a few months into 2022. 

Axie Infinity has expanded its creative team to work on the land gameplay. New resource gathering and types of items will be added, including buildings and features in the surrounding environment. 

Once land gameplay is introduced, Axie characters will be able to compete for land control, build bases and create decoration experiences on conquered plots. For now, the Axie Infinity creative team is still creating and expanding the features and style. 

Gameplay Migrates to Ronin

The steep Ethereum fees pushed Axie Infinity to create the Ronin Sidechain, an independent processing mechanism that carries game-speed transactions. 

Currently, Axie NFTs, AXS, Wrapped ETH (WETH), Smooth Love Potion (SLP), and USDC can be stored on the Ronin wallet. The Sky Mavis team behind Axie Infinity is working on the full features of the RON token. 

The RON token is also used to mop up the high supply of SLP, which has remained idle as breeders stopped creating new Axies. The RON rewards may be important for future gameplay, as a tool to gain access to land assets.

RON will be instrumental in land-based gameplay. The Axie Infinity team has also added liquidity mining, meaning more RON can be earned for staking tokens and providing liquidity on the Katana decentralized exchange. 

RON Sparks Hopes for More Earnings Tools

The Axie game suffered from stalled earnings, as players created an oversupply of characters. This led to a slide in AXS market prices to around $99.21, the lowest level since the end of October. 

With the Ronin wallet and the Katana decentralized exchange, Axie Infinity hopes to re-spark the earnings potential of the game. 

Interest in Axie Infinity remains high, with close to 3M community members in December. To attract a wider audience, the game will also offer non-blockchain, non-NFT starter packs of characters. 

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