Axie Infinity Origin: When Will the New Game Go Global

Axie Infinity Origin continues development despite the bear market, AXS recovers above $13.
  • Origin Updates Stage 2 to be completed in July.
  • Origin will replace Infinity game with new leaderboards, as last season for the old Axie game ends soon.
  • Axies will be usable in mini-games and smaller tournaments.

Axie Infinity has grown its user base through local launches, onboarding 600K registered accounts. Most activity shifted to the new version using free-to-play mode. The Axie game remains popular despite the unraveling of its P2E model, just 12 months after it peaked in popularity and income potential. 

Now, Axie shifts from regular income to tournaments and mini-games, while also improving its Origin game.

The Origin version launch and wider access will not be immediately bullish for AXS (trading at $13.56) or SLP, as the tokens move on the overall bearish mood of crypto markets. But the rise of the P2E model is also leading to long-term sustainable game development from Sky Mavis and selected studios for mini-games themed with Axie characters.

What’s Coming for Origin in July

The chief goal of Axie Infinity Origin is to increase the human decision-making, moving away from grinding out achievements on the automated game. 

The update will change the mechanics for MMR points for Axies, and alter the use cases for Moonshards and Runes. The game will introduce more crafting and a progress arc to drive engagement. 

Leaderboards will also return this summer, possibly by the end of July based on the game’s roadmap. With a more competitive game, top players will compete for a haul of AXS.

Origin will work in pre-season stages, with resets for Moonshard balances, Runes and Charms. The goal of Sky Mavis is to reach a fair point of resource allocation, adding SLP rewards once again. 

Only after the completion of previous tests and competitive features will Origin return to open seasons with mass player involvement. Currently, the development is in Stage 2, which can take a month to complete. At this pace, Origin may arrive in Q3 with a new P2E balance. 

In the coming months, Axie Infinity will exist in between seasons, with events organized by volunteers. Season 21 will end soon, being replaced by rewards from private collections. 

The game also has an SLP burn mechanism to pay for tournaments and events outside the main season leaderboards.

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