Pegaxy to Launch Chest Rewards Soon

Pegaxy (PGX) aims to make its game attractive again with more consumables and a VIS burn sink.
  • Drop system with chest-and-key earned in the competition will add another element of chance to the game.
  • VIS burn still needed to control supply.
  • Pegaxy aims to remove bots from playing, creating a more human-friendly game.

Pegaxy is making good on its promise of including another type of NFT. The game team will introduce Chests, a mystery NFT reward to be included in races. The Chests are a part of a new tentative roadmap that will aim to make the game more appealing and bring back more racers.

The coming chest-and-key system will be tied to in-game consumables. Pegaxy has hinted for a long time at introducing food as a consumable for NFT Pegas. The Chest and drop system arrived after Pegaxy went through scheduled maintenance, bringing back all functionalities.

The restart brought down the player count for Pegaxy to 6K users, with around $140K in value balance. Pegaxy remains attractive for guilds with overpowered Pegas, and will aim to make the game more interesting and avoid bot activity. 

The player count also diminished after Pegaxy banned nearly 20K wallets determined to belong to bots.

Will VIS Burn Mechanics Work

The current priority of Pegaxy is to improve the market price of its Vigorus (VIS) asset. There are multiple sinks to burn VIS, including Fusion and Genetic Fusion in addition to breeding. The supply of VIS remains relatively high, pushing down the price. 

VIS has fallen to $0.00013 on an unknown supply and new tokens are constantly created. VIS previously had a relatively good mint/burn ratio, but now more sinks are needed for the tokens. PGX managed to hold above a penny, trading around $0.017.

Unfortunately, the VIS used in breeding also leads to an oversupply of NFT. There are more than 909K Pegas for sale on OpenSea, with about 500K created in less than six months. The floor price remains at 0.002 ETH, but the lowest-ranking Pegas also do not produce meaningful earnings.

Additionally, there are 12.8K Pega owners, much more than the active players within the game. Currently, it may be more meaningful for guilds and scholars to try for the higher-ranking competitions with their exclusive Pegas. Beginner players may not have a significant chance of winning races, even with the lobby picking system that grants some freedom in selecting stadiums to compete.

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