Axie Infinity Origins Now Available on Apple Store, Mavis Marketplace to Host More NFT

Sky Mavis will host third-party NFT collections through Mavis Marketplace on the Ronin blockchain.
  • Axie Infinity Origins now available for a selected list of countries in Southeast Asia, South America.
  • Origins Season 4 arrived in May with a more competitive leaderboard and prizes for top positions.
  • Sky Mavis builds new NFT marketplace on Ronin, invites third-party games.

Axie Infinity Origins remains the flagman game for the Axie brand. Recently, the game was finally approved for Apple Store, allowing an external publisher with NFT a spot in the high-profile gaming storefront.

The outreach expansion will offer Axie Infinity to a select list of countries in Southeast Asia and South America, with the potential to grow on the Japanese market.

The Origins gameplay will be available at all times, in between-season mode. Not all GameFi features will be used on the iOS version, with no tools to withdraw SLP, and only some of the crafting recipes will be active. Still, players will be able to use their NFT in the game, or start with upgradable free Axies.

With the new listing, Axie Infinity can expand beyond its initial niche as a P2E game, and tap the wider Web2 and mobile game market.

Most of the Axie Infinity gameplays are more similar to Web2, as not all interactions are counted on the blockchain. Currently, Axie Infinity still attracts under 9K players per day, with some of the activity coming from Axie Homeland and other mini-games. 

Origins Season 4 Arrives with Tighter Competition

Origin Season 4 kicked off in May, drawing in a more competitive crowd. The new season will have several upgrades, introduced back in March. The leaderboards will also be more competitive, with a more limited distribution of top rewards. 

Even during the season, Axie Infinity draws around 8.1K players in 24 hours, with most interactions happening off-chain and through the app. 

Sky Mavis Expands Ronin NFT Marketplace

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, will also expand its NFT market on the Ronin network. 

In addition to carrying most Axies, Ronin Network will now host The Mavis Marketplace, with NFT collections from other games or projects.

Ronin Network is also preparing to host new games from a growing list of studios. Currently, five studios are ready to release their games to Ronin: Directive Games, Tribes, Bali Games,, and Battle Bears. The studios will also prepare their NFT collections and distribute them through Mavis Marketplace.

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