Axie Infinity Season 21: Leaderboard Rewards Coming

Origin update to move from limited testing to global release in a few months.

Axie Infinity Season 21 is just ahead of its end, getting ready to distribute the AXS leaderboard rewards. This will be the last season before a potential months-long hiatus until Origin introduces leaderboards.

The latest season also worked to count Axie players, encompassing 300K accounts. The game itself reported a smaller user count based on Ronin smart contract tracking. 

Axie Origin Aims to Grow Player Base

Most of the activity on the Axie game is now in the free-to-play version, with 600K accounts testing out Origin updates. Despite the setbacks, Axie Infinity remains among top NFT success projects with highly estimated P2E mechanics. According to DappRadar, Axie Infinity is still a top 10 game in terms of users and value locked.

Axie Infinity is far from peak earnings, but the game has found ways of bringing together players for side tournaments and other events. Clubs and guilds are organizing some of the events with rules differing from the usual in-season leaderboard competition. There is also a smart contract to burn SLP to participate in events, though this is optional and set by the event organizer.

Origin also expects to bring back the player count of the game, though tokenized rewards may take a long time. Axie Origin may also move from a regular income model to winning exclusive rewards during tournaments.

Currently, AXS rewards are more important, as the token still holds above $14 and offers higher liquidity. SLP, the previous reward token which peaked at $0.33, is now down to $0.0033, making players give up on the earnings potential of Axie Infinity.

Overall, Origin keeps receiving favorable reviews for its battle mode and strategy selection.

The global launch will practically restart the Axie universe, finally giving utility to land ownership years after the first NFT were sold. The fate of Axie Infinity will also show how the P2E market performs during what is considered “crypto winter”, a period of stagnant or falling prices.

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