Axie Infinity: Sub-Games to Replace Earnings

Axie Infinity community is building mini-games,
  • Ronin works on relaunching RON-ETH bridge in June.
  • Community-built mini-games may offer use case for Axies.
  • AXS dips under $20 on latest market downturn.

Axie Infinity starts to welcome side games to boost the game’s earnings. New sub-games can offer short-term tournaments with a reward pool. The side games arrive at a time when in-game earnings can go as low as $5 per month, due to low SLP prices and a shrinking reward system. 

Across Lunacia offers exclusive access to all Axie owners, with events, a Discord chat, and a reward pool.

Across Lunacia is a mini-game that integrates Axie characters and replicates their NFT look form the classic game. The link to the game is only available through the exclusive Discord channel, with the potential for scams or losing Axies, so the game should be approached with caution. 

Sky Mavis expects more building on the Ronin blockchain, with sub-games and events that also burn SLP. Games could also ask for an SLP burn to use apps or join tournaments. 

Axie Origin Goes into Maintenance

Origin is still adding updates and fixes before a wider mobile launch. The Origin game will be closed until all upgrades are complete.

Origin does not offer earnings yet, but after Q3, 2022 may start with a model similar to Axie Infinity. The patch will fix battle mode mechanics, such as granting dead Axies the Rage effect even when they are not in the game. Other fixes also involve cards balances, energy and rune effects for a fairer battle.

Ronin to Reopen Bridge to ETH in June

The Ronin network is still performing security audits to ensure the safety of its Ronin-ETH bridge. Currently, the Ronin team has hired Certik, one of the best smart contract auditors, to ensure the new smart contracts will not be easily attacked. 

If the audit is successful, the Ronin-ETH bridge will reopen in June. For now, the game manages to work entirely on Ronin, with Axie trading and no losses for AXS and SLP owners.

The bridge attack, however, was a factor to hurt the Axie Infinity assets. AXS is now down to $18.90, extending its slow slide. SLP still stagnates at around $0.005.

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