The Sandbox Launches Sale for 550 New Land Plots

The Sandbox (SAND), one of the better-known metaverse games, expanded its map with a sale of 550 plots, of which 8 exclusive estates.

The Sandbox launched the promised sale of 550 new land plots in its Web 3 edition promised on February 3. The land sale arrives at a time when The Sandbox is still the top virtual land project achieving resales and growth on OpenSea

The land plots, sold for SAND tokens, were in high demand. Just hours after the sale, potential buyers noted that bots managed to grab plots very fast, even before individual buyers.

This new portion of the Sandbox game map is called the Web 3 Hub and aims to give metaverse land plots to brands, DAOs and individuals interested in decentralization and popularizing the technology.

Land and premium land were sold for a fixed price in SAND tokens, requiring ETH and gas fees. Seven exclusive Estate S type plots and one Estate M plot were sold at auction. 

The Sandbox Closes Alpha Test Milestone

The Sandbox game completed the closed alpha stage of its game, making another step toward its public launch. The alpha stage was reserved for early investors and creators. The alpha testing drew in 200,000 visitors and distributed 5M SAND tokens as rewards.

In the meantime, more startups are building their venues or games on The Sandbox land plots. 

Now, The Sandbox game faces the challenge of moving its LAND tokens to a new contract after a vulnerability was found last December. The game team has invited users to use the migration tool to swap their tokens. The vulnerability has not been exploited and was discovered as part of The Sandbox testing its technology. 

SAND Token Again Closer to $5

SAND followed the overall trend in play to earn tokens, bouncing off from lows around $3.50. SAND is now once again within a small distance of the $5 range, though with volatile episodes. 

SAND may gain new activity from a recent spot pair listing on the Bybit exchange, one of the active cryptocurrency markets in 2021.

SAND is seen as closing in on resistance levels at above $4.80, with the potential to expand to $8 in a new bullish trend.

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