Carbon Browser: How This Tool Expands Shift to Web3

Carbon Browser will give access to trading, swapping and other Web3 activities, while rewarding browsing.
  • Carbon Browser is an open-source tool to access tokens and Web3 products.
  • All users will receive CSIX tokens for browsing and can stake directly from their multi-asset wallet.
  • Carbon Browser reaches out to Web3 developers with tools to optimize pages for the new browser.

Carbon Browser is another tool that extends Web3 adoption for both end users and developers. Carbon Browser is a new addition that follows in the footsteps of Brave, the crypto browser, linking online ad viewing with token earnings. Carbon browser takes the experience to the next level, offering many tools for ownership and multi-chain NFT usage. 

Recently, Carbon Browser received a promotion from BSC network, which selects top projects with real utility.

Carbon is available for Android, with iOS version coming soon. The browser offers access to multiple Web3 projects, as well as confidentiality and privacy tools. Carbon specifically focused on Polygon, but will continue to onboard new blockchains and carry a multi-asset wallet. 

How Carbon Onboards Developers

Carbon claims it is the fastest Web3 browser, and helps projects gain additional access. Carbon offers a developer toolkit to create optimized pages. 

For now, Carbon has not specifically addressed gaming, and focuses on offering user-side Web3 ownership. Carbon has a multi-asset wallet, staking tools, bridging, and swapping. 

Carbon was only launched toward the end of January 2023, and will keep adding features in the coming months. But even at this stage, Carbon claims more than 1M monthly users and more than 5.6M downloads.

Carbon Prepares to Distribute CSIX Tokens

Carbon is now in the process of addin new coins to its multi-asset wallet, while establishing the easy exchange capabilities. The wallet is also preparing to distribute its CSIX native token, which was sold in January and February on multiple launchpads. At this stage, CSIX wil be distributed to all users simply for browsing. For now, using Carbon’s wallet will still happen without KYC, except the verification requirements of separate projects and games.

CSIX will start out as a token on Binance Smart Chain, with a total supply of 1B tokens, to be gradually distributed over time. CSIX will be used for premium or pro access, as well as for staking through the app’s native wallet. The token is now waiting for listings and a price discovery mechanism.

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