Chain of Alliance Builds Up Community, Metaverse Reputation

Chain of Alliance has the makings of an up and coming game based on rising social score and a series of financing partnerships.

Chain of Alliance is an up-and-coming play to earn game currently building up its community and financing. Chain of Alliance is one of the projects financed with the help of Animoca Brands, the company behind one of the biggest blockchain gaming portfolios. 

Chain of Alliance is currently building up a series of partnerships to ensure its earnings and tokens are represented on multiple platforms. The game partnered with ICO Drops, one of the hubs for token distribution, signaling its potential outreach to investors.

Chain of Alliance has built up more than 5,000 Twitter followers, starting to line up among up-and-coming games. It bet on its rising social media volume to also build up its Discord community. 

Chain of Alliance Builds Up Financing

The Chain of Alliance project completed a recent seed round led by The Spartan Group, one of the most widely respected startup financing firms.

Additionally, Chain of Alliance partnered with KyberNetwork for DeFi functionalities and drew in Coin98 Finance as one of its early investors. 

Chain of Alliance is still in its pre-token days and should be closely watched for early access to NFT minting events, airdrops, or another form of token sale. Chain of Alliance plans to release a token with the COA ticker, but this asset does not yet exist and anyone attempting to sell it tries to scam users.

Chain of Alliance also reiterated its game idea, after scrapping the initial PC stand-alone game. Now, the focus of Chain of Alliance is aiming for mobile adoption to tap a wider player audience.

To encourage adoption, the gameplay also did away with the idea of requiring a full set of chess figures, instead asking for a minimum of three characters. Once the game launches, there will be options to play with NFT heroes, or with freely available starter pack characters. 

In February, the game is just setting out with a rapid expansion in its social score, but game developments may arrive in the coming months.

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