NFT Worlds Now Opens for Gas-Free Transactions on Polygon

NFT Worlds is offering a real-time tokenized experience using the Minecraft framework.

NFT Worlds, one of the prominent RPG games in 2022, has optimized its transaction structure after migrating to Polygon Network. 

Now, all transactions on NFT Worlds will be free of gas fees and potentially expand to a wider used base. NFT Worlds aims to become one of the most “capable and flexible” metaverse platforms, as described in its DappRadar profile.

The shift to Polygon will allow for gas-free WRLD token transactions to facilitate decentralized trading or yield farming.

NFT Worlds aims to build a sustainable metaverse using the Minecraft framework, and will thus need a reliable tool to achieve the permanent record and blockchain transactions. With Polygon, parallel computation is possible, without the unexpected shifts in Ethereum network expenses. 

How WRLD Token is Performing

The WRLD asset is on track to return to its highs above $0.40, with a robust recovery in the past week to $0.23. For now, WRLD only relies on decentralized exchanges with only two liquidity pairings.

WRLD is a token with just under 6,000 holders, though its distribution lacks big “whales” and is spread across many wallets. The token marks active transactions happening every few minutes, signaling game usage. 

NFT Worlds Offers Near-Instant In-Game Transactions

NFT Worlds has 10,000 items on OpenSea, with a floor price of 5.9 ETH, lining up among the big markets for metaverse land plots. The game also fills an important niche for Minecraft-based digital land, where reliable servers and a long-term outlook are key. 

WRLD tokens can now be spent with close to real-gaming speed within the metaverse environment. According to the NFT Worlds team, it takes two seconds with no need to keep MATIC for fees in the wallet. 

While WRLD can be displayed in the MetaMask wallet, in the future, NFT Worlds plans to build an in-game wallet launcher and reflect balances even for users not familiar with crypto wallets. But for a while the WRLD transactions will require a wallet connected to the game, and possibly a bridge back to the Ethereum network to liquidate or swap assets.

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