Chronos: Dawn of Time Launches Live NFT Crafting

Chronos: Dawn of Time in-game items already appearing on OpenSea as NFT. The items are both available to resell or use as equipment in tournament battles.
  • Chronos: Dawn of Time plans server reset with new updates to be announced in the next few days.
  • Players can now trade resources from the game to craft new NFT Items through the Shady Trader.
  • Dawn of Time offers multiple tracks as a free game, with special access for Traveler NFT owners.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is adding updates in its latest active period, seeking a wider launch and adoption. The game remains free to download and play the 2D semi-idle RPG, but the addition of NFT crafting will kick-start the game economy.

The obstacle and maze game with a historical and pre-historical theme, is now bringing the live feature of crafting items and turning them into NFT.

The game is now almost a month in from the launch of its public beta, and has made small additions to the game to boost engagement. Now, Dawn of Time has a fully functioning trading mechanic, which produces new items.

The addition of crafting is part of a whole week of feature additions, with a large beta expansion planned.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is also a tournament-ready game, with the latest event that started on March 2. The game may give a chance to earn more Traveler NFT, or a dedicated prize pool. The next updates may add adventure mode to add to the tournaments. The game will offer boss fights, multiplayer mode and different paths of cultivation or battle. 

Crafting Builds Up the Game’s Web3 and Crypto Economy

The crafting will be tied to the game’s token economy, and will contain elements requiring crypto purchases and the ownership of an NFT Traveler. The Travelers, which are the main playable characters, have both cosmetic and utility features, they can be personalized, but also offer different levels of access.

The items from the Shady Merchant will not be predictable, and will restart each day. Crafting will require Gem fees, as well as rare items only acquired by exploring the game’s new biomes in detail. Since Dawn of Time is for now finished with new NFT Travelers, the new minting model is coming entirely from the game. 

Other utility items, such as hammers or skins, are tradable on OpenSea, requiring access to Polygon network and some MATIC tokens.

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