Chronos: Dawn of Time Prepares for First Tournament After Beta Launch

Chronos: Dawn of Time is a newly launched game, which will now offer PvP elimination tournaments.
  • Chronos: Dawn of Time is a whimsical game with elements of fantasy, aliens, dinosaurs and other creatures.
  • The game offers civilization-building, as well as dungeons and battles against enemies and bosses.
  • Players can pick a specialty and advance in multiple directions.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is a newly launched P2E adventure game, which reached its beta stage in February. For its next step, Chronos: Dawn of Time is preparing for its first mass tournament. Chronos will offer a fantasy-theme RPG with the potential to earn prizes and a chance to win based on the classes of playable characters.

The tournament will hold a small prize pool of $250, offering a series of eliminations to find the final winner.

Chronos: Dawn of Time is a dynamic skill-based game with the potential for busy multiplayer tournaments. The game is also worth watching for small-scale partnerships and short challenges to defeat multiple enemies in battle mode. The challenge will offer special skins and weapons to players that come ahead.

The Chronos world is also play-to-advance, where characters increase their reach and stats. The main gameplays include a dungeon exploration to supply the player’s village with resources, and the potential for PvP battles. 

Players must defeat a series of monsters and mini-bosses, set in a fantasy jungle with dinosaurs and fantastical creatures. Missions are either solo or with up to four other players.

Chronos Offers Skins, Weapons for Challenges and Tournaments

Players can also change the look of their skin and personalize their characters.

Chronos is capable of adding skins from other projects to make its game even more whimsical. The skins and weapons can also serve as in-game rewards or tournament prizes. For now, the game is not focusing on tokenizing its wins, instead aiming for short-term prize pools and NFT rewards.

Players start with a basic Traveler NFT, which evolves based on the player’s style and achievements. Players run through a 2D world, discovering new resources. As the game progresses, new buildings and structures get unlocked. The Chronos universe also has mini-enemies in the Mines and Dungeons, with attack and defense battle mechanics.

Chronos NFT holders are keeping their Travelers close, with only a handful listed for a price of 30 MATIC, with a 2 ETH turnover equivalent. The characters start out as basic, and may focus more on building and on battles to equip an inventory and make advancements.

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