Fief Game Prepares for New NFT Sale Event

Fief: Blood and Coin is a guild-based game encouraging group play and fealty to one of the five in-game guilds.
  • Players have the last chance to use on-chain $WOOD to buy crates full of in-game items.
  • Guild-specific crates sell for 50,000 $WOOD.
  • All $WOOD will be taken off the chain and into the game inventory.

Fief: Blood and Coin, is offering a last-chance event to use up the WOOD asset and exchange it for guild-specific in-game assets. The sale of Wooden Crates filled with valuable items will run for seven days on the Avalaunch platform. 

This will be the last chance for players to use up WOOD and convert it to items usable in the main gameplay. The goal of Fief is to lower WOOD circulating supply and transfer all the assets from BSC to an in-game inventory. All Wooden Crates on the marketplace will have a fixed price of 50,000 WOOD.

The only remaining token will be FIEF, which is yet to add a price discovery mechanism. The goal of Fief is to build a strong game community and a guilds-based economy, while leaving tokens to be developed later to their full potential. 

Fief is also expanding its NFT universe, which makes the game’s lore more complex. The new type of item will be soul-bound tokens, a special type of NFT that has deliberately blocked transfer capabilities. Soul-bound NFT are tied to the character and cannot be resold or de-crafted. The goal is to use the standard as an identity or a badge permanently attached to the character.

Fief held its IDO on Avalaunch in March, distributing the WOOD token to multiple on-chain accounts. The game expected to launch tokens with high-performance potential, but instead focused more on the NFT items and the game development. The game also allows for staking FIEF in its Ethereum-based version, with the goal of earning more valuable assets and in-game advantages.

Avalaunch Remains Top Avalanche App

Avalaunch remains one of the important apps on Avalanche, and a serious platform for P2E game promotion.

Avalaunch is ranked 137 on the blockchain based on periodic token sales. Avalaunch is helping grow the list of games on Avalanche, as well as NFT projects. One of the reasons is that Avalanche is becoming a one-stop Web3 hub, and a suitable blockchain for art collections, as well as security tokens.

The addition of the Trader Joe and compatibility with Ethereum adds more liquidity to Avalanche-based Web3 projects.

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