Crabada (CRA): Battle Game Just Weeks from Launch

Crabada remains the busiest game on the Avalanche network, a growth hub for NFT projects and GameFi.
  • Battle mode ready for test preview.
  • Swimmer Network launch delayed for May on new security technology implementation.
  • Top Crab NFTs asking price at $1,200.

Play Crabada, the top game on the Avalanche network, is getting ready for the next stage with battle game mechanics. The new gameplay will arrive after Crabada migrates to Swimmer Network, its new sub-network built using Avalanche technology.

The game will start out with a PvP version, one of the more effective tools against bots overwhelming the PvE game. Crabada is also ready with a battle prototype for testing.

Swimmer Network will be able to absorb the expected growing activity on Crabada. Even now, the game is the biggest transaction hub on Avalanche, based on C-Chain gas price data. While Avalanche allows for low fees, sometimes network load leads to anomalous gas prices. This may hamper a game like Crabada, where cheap transactions are key to locking in P2E results.

Crabada Swimmer Network Delayed for Better Security

Swimmer Network was supposed to launch at the end of March. However, the Crabada team delayed the event to some time in early May, to address security issues. Moving to a new network and bridging may create problems for the game, and the delay arrived just days after Ronin network saw its biggest bridge exploited, losing nearly $630M in assets.

The other reason is an upgrade in the C-Chain technology, which made the Crabada team abandon the previously built Swimmer Network as a hard fork of C-Chain. The actual launch of the new network will thus use the SubnetEVM technology, recently applied on Avalanche.

For now, Crabada will continue to move on C-Chain, where normalized gas prices see transactions valued at $0.04. 

How CRA and TUS are Performing

CRA stepped back slightly to $0.84, still delaying a breakout despite almost daily news from the game. 

TUS stabilized above $0.08, still stagnant due to its usual low liquidity. Both assets are expected to break out in case the game gains more centralized exchange listings. So far, both CRA and TUS rely on decentralized markets and voluntary staking from the community. 

Top Crabs for sale command prices of up to $1,200, or as much as 15,000 TUS asking price in the dedicated marketplace.

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