Crabada (CRA) Token Closer to $1 on Game Updates

Crabada (CRA) expects more guilds and schoparships to boost player base in 2022.

Crabada (CRA) is showing more of its gaming potential, as the token gets closer to $1 again. CRA traded at $0.97, rallying by 20% after more updates making the gaming universe more user-friendly. 

Treasure Under Sea (TUS), the game reward token, also reached a weekly high at $0.11, up from lows of $0.08. Crabada Amulet (CRAM), the special in-game staking token, also reached a one-week high after a relentless climb, reaching $0.12. 

The Crabada universe also incentivized its players with this month’s lucky draw, distributing new valuable items. 

Crabada Adds Updates for Token Usage, Bot Activity

Crabada now makes it easier to acquire and use tokens. The game is still using its idle or automated game potential, in a bid to introduce a new version with skilled gameplay. 

Crabada is also one of the games to take active anti-bot measures. Automated games can always invite bots and Crabada has a multi-tiered approach to favor live players. Now, a new captcha system has been introduced to avoid bot activity. The new measures arrive just days after a recent anti-bot patch.

The Crabada universe is preparing to introduce breeding to increase the number of Crab teams available in the coming months. 

Currently, the game logs 4.5K daily users, though expecting a much higher potential activity once the game is overhauled with PvP options. 

What is the Future of Crabada

The Crabada game is yet to go through the boom stage of other P2E universes. Crabada has the chance to deal with some of the major challenges while the game is still in its early stages. 

Diminishing the influence of bots and achieving the right P2E balance may give the needed appeal to Crabada, while avoiding excessive token depreciation. 

Guilds are starting to appear for Crabada, with demand for scholarships strong due to the still very high price of a team of three crabs. One of the tools of gaining new Crabs are the regular lucky draws. 

For now, Crabada has a token model where CRA can be staked to earn CRAM, which then grants rights to purchase tickets for lucky draws.

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