Crabada (CRA) Releases Anti-Bot Patch Against Casual Exploits

Crabada expects crab demand crunch as guilds and scholars join the game after PvP battle launch.

Crabada, one of the super casual P2E games, recently set out to solve its bot play problem. The game team released a patch that immediately put a stop on what looked like unusual activity.

The game team noted more success for real players in achieving game goals. The game team, however, warned that bots will not go away from the game, due to its potential for automated casual play. Instead, the patches and workarounds will have to be repeated in the future. 

Crabada Grows User Count

Crabada is one of the games that is still growing its user count, while previous P2E champions see their counts dwindle in the past months. 

The Crabada casual game carries more than 4K players based on DappRadar data, though the game team shows a higher count, especially linked to bots. Crabada also has a more significant free to play component. 

Will Crabada Follow the Way of Axie Infinity

The Crabada game is currently in a potentially automated, casual PvE mode. To join the game, every player needs an upfront investment in a team of crabs. The initial team may run up quite a hefty price. 

The PvP battle game will be coming soon, and in many ways it will resemble Axie Infinity. Through the TUS token and breeding fees, initial Crab owners will be able to breed and create sub-teams and scholarships.

As a game in its early stages, Crabada may go through a boom cycle to breed more Crabs and grow its user base. The same path took Axie Infinity to its peak in terms of asset value, player count and Axie breeding. 

Currently, Crabada has a much more limited set of playable teams. The Crabada game is also yet to be taken up by guilds, but this may add to the growth. It is also possible after the initial supply crunch, Crabada may go through oversupply, somewhat similar to Axies.

The CRA native asset remains stagnant at around $0.89, losing for the past month from a peak above $2.60. Treasure Under Sea (TUS), the native gas token, is down to $0.06, from above $0.26 a month ago.

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