WEMIX Gains KuCoin Listing, Giving Liquidity to a Growing Gaming Hub

KuCoin adds new trading volumes potential to the WEMIX token.
  • Wemix is one of the most active gaming hubs, onboarding new games with NFT and tokenization options.
  • Wemix 3.0 to add a DeFi element to games.
  • KuCoin is among the most active South Korean exchanges.

Wemix Network, one of the most active gaming hubs, gained a listing on KuCoin, one of the leading South Korean exchanges. Wemix is a network targeting Southest Asia with a long list of games, with the WEMIX asset among the most active P2E tokens with the highest daily trading volumes.


WEMIX may revive its growing gaming ecosystem with a new price rally amid the overall price weakness for P2E tokens. WEMIX trades around $2.69 after the listing, still lower than its all-time high above $24 reached in November 2021. WEMIX is also represented on BitHumb, one of the most active exchanges in South Korea, but still has no representation on Binance or Coinbase.

The token and its games remain separated from the overall P2E ecosystem, though still hosting some of the more popular games such as Crypto Ball Z, Bird Tornado and Aqua. 

WEMIX and Klaytn Aim for Web3 Growth

WEMIX uses the Klaytn blockchain, a vehicle specifically created for speed and mass adoption. The crypto infrastructure of Klaytn was created by Kakao Corp., one of the biggest South Korean technological companies. Recently, Klaytn announced its goal to become the blockchain specifically tailored to metaverse and Web3 projects.

Klaytn is also building a complex process of onboarding both AAA-grade and smaller casual games. Klaytn offers L2 solutions for Ethereum, wrapped in a developer package with open source tools and accessible SDK.

Wemix keeps adding games, with the most recent addition of Kairos, an endless MMORPG.

Wemix onboards games almost daily, with multiple RPG titles. 

What is Wemix 3.0

Wemix plans to expand its ecosystem by introducing a DeFi element and a stablecoin. The plans to launch the new blockchain were announced in June.

With that move, Wemix will add elements to help players cash out of games that also offer tokenized earnings. The Wemix ecosystem and Klaytn also facilitate NFT creation for those games that want to wait with a full tokenization model.

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