Decentraland (MANA) Opens World Builder for All Players

Decentraland (MANA) wrapped up successful Fashin Week on March 27, boosting OpenSea NFT trading.
  • 3D items can be imported into world builder for a custom scene.
  • Decentraland OpenSea activity picked up with the help of Fashion Week.

Decentraland (MANA) aims to increase the appeal of its metaverse experience, by opening up the World Builder feature for all players. Until now, only land plot owners could use the world builder to customize their digital places.

With this move, Decentraland gets one step ahead of The Sandbox, which still limits its item creator tool to a list of 1,000 selected artists. 

The Decentraland World Builder is made up of free items that can be placed and scaled to create a unique scene. World Builder will replace the Web Builder that was freely available to the community, for an easier and more seamless experience. The World Builder has been used for the design of the smallest plots as well as large estates. 

The Decentraland World Builder tool arrived just days after Decentraland added testing for its fashion-based NFT items. Decentraland also ran the first successful Metaverse fashion week that wrapped up March 27.

How Decentraland Assets are Performing

MANA, the native token of Decentraland, was stuck around $2.62. MANA is still the leading token among play to earn projects. 

However, Decentarland is now the second-best land sale project on OpenSea. The Sandbox took the top spot, displacing NFT Worlds after weeks at the peak position. Still, the floor price for Decentraland is higher at 3.19 ETH, and the past week saw a pickup in NFT trading activity. 

Decentraland plots are on offer for extremely high prices, even for the smallest 1X1 plots. But the latest sales are for larger estates, trading at 2,772,000 MANA.

Is a Smart Decentraland Coming

Decentraland has some ideas to build tracking tools and smart items, as a way to measure metaverse traffic. 

The project is still early, but is growing one of the significant metaverse use cases. Growth of content and events may turn the Metaverse into a version of the early Internet.

Through the World Builder, Decentraland also has tools to upload custom 3D items into the digital land. For now, not all Decentraland assets are movable NFT items, but the project is showing a new way of delivering content and evolving into the world of Web3.

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