Pegaxy (PGX) Renews Breeding Event After Bug Fixing

Pegaxy players still try to figure out the best strategy for statistics-based racing.
  • OpenSea Pega NFTs break record with 530K listings.
  • Pegaxy activity falls, game down from spot 2 to spot 4 among top Polygon games.
  • PGX hovers between $0.02 and $0.018.

Pegaxy (PGX) entered a series of upgrades, culminating in a large-scale breeding event. But over the weekend, the event stalled and the game entered another period of maintenance to fix the issues.

For Pegaxy, this is the first breeding event since the special Valentine’s Day creation of upgraded effects for Pega NFTs. This time, the breeding event will have a new effect on the game – creating a peak number of Pegas, of which the best will be raised and bred, and some will be burned as a new game mechanic. 

The upcoming statistics-based gameplay will come with a new filter for Pega NFTs. The breeding event also removes the cooldown period, and newly created Pega NFTs can also breed after 48 hours.

The event has an immediate effect on the NFT market, generating 530K Pegas from around 490K just days ago. Pega growth is part of the game’s mission as it wants to expand guilds and access, as well as select the best playable horses.

The recent reset of gaming brought down Pegaxy players to around 10.4K. According to DappRadar, Pegaxy is ranked fourth on the Polygon network. Since March 20, the number of players is down by half as the game shifts to a new mode. Teams and guilds are still figuring out the best stats-based strategies and the effect of breeding.

Asset Prices for Pegaxy Still Pressured

The breeding event, however, weighed down on market prices. Floor prices sank to 0.009 ETH, from relative stability at 0.01 ETH, ascribed to bot activity. This time, the over-abundance of Pegas is slowing down the NFT market.

But in the long run, the breeding will create more advanced playable Pegas, while sidelining the weaker competitors. This will be important in statistics-based gameplay and eventually in skilled gameplay. 

The prices of Pegaxy tokens also remain without change. PGX is stuck between $0.022 and $0.018 in the past week. VIS inched up to $0.007, remaining within its usual range and not affected by extra demand during the breeding event.

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