OpenBlox: What to Expect from this Avalanche Game Hub

OpenBlox is a growing hub for games, to offer cross-compatible NFT, earnings and Web3 ownership.
  • OpenBlox is an Ethereum and Avalanche hub for potentially launching multiple games.
  • RogueBlox and RunBlox are the first two active Web3 apps, with land and metaverse experiences coming uo.
  • OpenBlox will also use its NFT characters across all games and products.

OpenBlox joins the list of game hubs that offer multiple Web3 and P2E opportunities. This time, OpenBlox uses the potential of the Avalanche network to deliver two game headlines, RunBlox and RogueBlox. 

OpenBlox also hosts the NFT marketplaces for the respective games, where the items are also priced in ETH. But OpenBlox also uses the features of Avalanche and Arbitrum, compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, to ensure greater speed. 

In one of the recent updates, RunBlox introduced a new mechanic where move-to-earn meets character training. This time, players can use their physical movement to upgrade the in-game character.

Move-to-earn with NFT characters is a model also employed by Genopets, one of the most successful games mixing a metaverse, movement tracking and creature upgrades. 

OpenBlox to Offer Web3 Ownership

OpenBlox is building an imaginative metaverse world that can host multiple games and challenges, as well as all existing NFT in the ecosystem. 

In addition to the games and move-to-earn, OpenBlox will offer general Web3 tools for ownership and holding varied assets. For now, OpenBlox allows the holding of RunBlox shoes, and the creatures of RogueBlox. The Blox NFT will be compatible with all the upcoming games that will be introduced over time in the OpenBlox ecosystem. 

Blox, OBX Tokens to Work Across OpenBlox Games

The Blox characters are partially inspired by Axie Infinity, and offer seven classes with the potential to breed new customizable characters. Blox NFT include Techno, Flower, Shark, Insect, Hardshell, Dragon and Boss types, with six body parts determined by a genetic algorithm. Most of the Blox characters are traded on the native marketplace, with more than 1,700 owners so far, and a total of 7,086 Blox creatures available.

OpenBlox is still in the initial stage, and is yet to release its full roadmap and upcoming games. One of the features will be LandBlox, a farming-style and civilization-building game.

All the games will be held together by the OBX token, in addition to RGL and RUX in-game tokens, which are inflationary and meant for saving.

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