Fanfury Opens Early Test Registration for Fantasy Sports Game

Fanfury is opening registrations for early testers before its game and token launch, opening one of the first fantasy sports games on the Terra blockchain.

Fanfury, the fantasy sports world, has now opened registrations for its rewards program. The model for game rewards will go through a testnet stage, and early participants will receive additional rewards.

Fanfury is now offering a limited exploration of its app in preparation for a wider launch. The limited registration is also an effort to grow the Fanfury community. 

The registration and marketing campaign is trying to achieve the goal of having 15,000 engaged users in the Fanfury gaming system. Fanfury recently celebrated the growth of its social media presence, aiming to boost its followers ahead of its game launch. 

Fanfury has already enlisted 5,000 Early Scouts during its social media campaign and will include those early subscribers into the test net challenge, with an additional FURY reward set aside for the upcoming token launch.

The Fanfury game will include fantasy teams, as well as the opportunity to win and stake FURY for additional passive rewards.

Using FURY Requires Terra Wallet

Fanfury, one of the interesting fantasy sports games for 2022, is using the Terra ecosystem. Terra and its native token LUNA became one of the hottest new arrivals in 2021, promising decentralized usage and a complete economy with swapping opportunities. 

The FURY reward token is yet to be listed, but the test net event will also work toward early distribution. 

The Fanfury ecosystem may also use UST, the Terra-derived stablecoin which is gaining traction in the play to earn world. Fanfury is one of the first projects to wait out with launching its token, and will initially distribute only test net tokens.  

LUNA Ecosystem Promises Liquidity

The LUNA ecosystem of tokens and stablecoins locks in between $16B and $18B in notional value, based on DeFi Llama statistics. When launched, the FURY token may have access to TerraSwap, the decentralized exchange which has more than $680M in liquidity. 

LUNA traded at $59.84, sliding 27% during last week’s market shakedown. Despite this, the Terra ecosystem remains one of the biggest winners in the past 12 months, and now awaits the wider addition of play to earn games.

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