Forest Knight Prepares to Open New Tournament with NFT Hero Prizes

Forest Knight has an active marketplace, with some of the rarest items only having 10 variants in the whole game.
  • Forest Knight mixes a series of levels to progress, as well as PvP grid battles.
  • KNIGHT tokens started trading at the end of 2022, and give in-game advantages.
  • Forest Knight has a complex system of NFT Heroes and items.

Forest Knight is preparing for its second Mystery Hero cup, coming up on February 12. Top prizes will include rare or choice NFT items and roles in the community.

The tournament is in addition to regular small-scale events, which showcase the game’s items and possibilities. Forest Knights also focuses on specific Heroes with unique designs and abilities.

Forest Knight is set in the fantasy world of Chronville. The main goal is to set up a team with the right capabilities, and participate in a turns-based strategy game. The game is tokenized, but its first goal is to offer a successful model for mainstream gamers.

Forest Knight Offers Multiple Sources of Progress

Forest Knight has multiple game modes, with the main progress arc being a series of levels. Every 11th level, players have to defeat a mini-boss, to receive more rare items. Additionally, players compete for Chests, and also acquire Jewelry, Runes, and other items. Some of the items can be combined, or burned for Runes. 

Forest Knight also places their Heroes on a grid, for a turns-based match in arena mode. Players also compete for mystery Chests, which contain items that may give advantage in the game. Most of the items can be acquired by playing, but in the case of keys, players may need to buy on the marketplace, turning the game into a pay-to-play at least partially. 

The game has a highly active marketplace, with some of the most rare items trading at above $380 equivalent. Some of the NFT categories have only 10 items in the whole game universe, ensuring exclusive ownership.

Forest Knight is free-to-play and play-to earn, powered by the KNIGHT token, based on the Polygon network to avoid high fees. KNIGHT started trading at the end of 2022, peaking at $1.10 in a bried period of anomalous prices. Since then KNIGHT settled at around $0.01. There are incentives to hold onto KNIGHT and receive additional rewards in the game, to avoid overselling.

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