Gala Games Extends 888 Inner Circle with New Token Sale

Gala Games (GALA) is one of the sellers in the major expansion of the 888 Inner Circle exclusive NFT club.

Gala Games extends the reach of the 888 Inner Circle exclusive NFT club with a token sale this February 8. The sale will grant 8,888 tokens to each new member, and a share in one of the Galaverse realms. 

New members of the Blue Realm will have additional perks and still unannounced exclusive deals. But even buying into the 888 Inner Circle and becoming a realm guardian has a long list of benefits. 

Gala Games will grant a series of privileges to dedicated collectors, including early presale access, VIP airdrops, private meetings and AMAs, gifts, new NFT art collections and early access to any other Gala Games developments.

Getting Mint Event Safely

The high-profile Gala Games airdrop means there may be attempts at scamming with a copycat sale or personal offers. 

The event will be spread to the official community, and care was taken to provide the official links. Led by Crypto888, a legendary social media personality, the token event is available only at the official address. 

What is 888 Inner Circle

The 888 Inner Circle is an exclusive token-based NFT club, granting rights for exclusive collections. The Gala realm on offer is just one of the purchases available during the latest minting event. 

Other NFT collections and realms will come from eight color-coded circles. The mint also includes a new NFT collection by Paris Hilton, as well as Flare and Origin protocols. 

The Inner Circle started with just 8,888 Genesis NFTs of recognizable color-coded circles. The new sale will make the club grow by a factor of 10, adding 80,000 new NFTs with a restriction on buying more than eight mints per person. The owners of Genesis circles will have their first pick of the mint.

GALA Token Close to Monthly High

GALA, the native token of Gala Games, rallied to double in price in the past week. GALA rallied from a low of $0.19 to nearly $0.40, before retreating to $0.33. 

Gala Games is still attractive for offering a growing list of games in the pipeline and being one of the top play to earn tokens. For now, the exclusive NFT club is a side quest for this game project, but it will expose it to hundreds of thousands of potential players on Twitter and Discord.

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