Genesis Worlds Sells 6,000 Metaverse Land NFTs on Launch Day

Genesis Worlds Mining Claims NFT open new use cases to metaverse land plots, granting voting rights, token rewards and upcoming game perks.

Genesis Worlds is expanding its community and setting the stage for digital world gaming with a successful first day of its metaverse land sale. Genesis Worlds expands the NFT model with metaverse land that is also functional and generates passive in-game income.

The NFT sale kicked off on January 18, and will continue with a stream of regular announcements for new worlds. Owning metaverse land on Genesis Worlds is not just passive digital property. Instead, the NFT will give voting rights, generate the GENESIS token and offer in-game perks in the future. 

Genesis Worlds is thus introducing a form of NFT mining. The metaverse land will be a version of 3D concept art, and will also be known as Genesis Mining Claims. There is an incentive to hold the NFTs longer for higher rewards along the line. Genesis Worlds aims to build “the next 100 years of the metaverse”. 

Buying the Mining Claims will be a fair launch, with no whitelisting ahead of the drops. The process will continue in the coming months as the Mining Claims diminish over time with increasing scarcity.

Game Credits: Offering Extra Earnings with GAME Token

Game Credits, the startup behind Genesis Mining Claims, is also issuing the GAME token. GAME is building up liquidity on the QuickSwap decentralized exchange. 

GameCredits (GAME) is one of the most active liquidity pairs on QuickSwap. The exchange is boosting GAME with its native token, QUICK, meaning liquidity providers must lock in both assets. Staking GAME for automated trading gives additional QUICK token rewards. 

QuickSwap logs more than $89M in reported daily trading volumes. The exchange is one of the venues for price discovery for new DeFi and play to earn tokens.

At this point, the price of GAME and GENESIS tokens will be highly volatile, and the markets are still building up liquidity. Buying Genesis Mining Claims as NFT is a risky early bid with potential outsized rewards.

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