Genopets Hints at Groundbreaking Announcement

Genopets hinted at a major upgrade that will change the game balance.
  • Genopets is yet to introduce the full crafting capabilities within the game.
  • Genesis Habitats remain one of the most important assets.
  • KI tokens slide by 50%, still remain a major source of earnings for habitat owners.

Genopets, the move-to-earn game with NFT avatars, is hinting at a groundbreaking upgrade. The game team is planning a town hall meeting this Friday, where the actual game change may be announced. 

Genopets is a game mixing collectible avatars and land with move-to-earn. Recently, the game launched its Habitats to own and receive passive income, as well as use within the game. But the new game change is still up to speculation, from integration with fitness bracelets to a special event for Genesis NFT owners. 

It is also possible the game will finally release its crafting, based on a complex recipe book. Crafting will be an advanced game element for Genopets, with most recipes requiring multiple items. Genopets already added minor upgrades to the game in its latest round of maintenance.

At the current stage, most Genopets interactions happen offline, with short spikes in smart contract activity. The biggest concern for owners is to preserve the value of Habitats, while keeping a viable renting economy. Genopets Genesis habitats have not been listed for resale and are an asset class with strong incentive to hold. 

Genopets NFT Retain Value

Other NFT from the game have a more active secondary market, such as Refined Crystals or the more numerous Terraform Seeds. The Pet NFT themselves currently hold a market price of 58 SOL, becoming one of the leading NFT with significant rarity.

The other advantage of Genopets is its relatively liquid token. The GENE token is sliding gradually, currently standing at $3.30. Despite this, Genopets is one of the games that manages to retain value even during the bear market, by tapping the Solana community.

KI tokens, which are earned in the game, is at $0.04, down 50% from its trading start in June. KI is awarded mostly to Habitat owners, with higher earnings for more habitats with rare features. The Genopets game can be started for free, but earnings would be slower and it would serve as a lifestyle app.

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