Gold Fever Presents New Set of NFT Used in the Game’s Economy

Gold Fever offers in-game value and ownership, with virtual shops that can sell real economic value.
  • Gold Fever brings a complex world to life, with the potential to set up shop and sell NFT.
  • Commercial NFT have value in the game as tools for quests.
  • Gold Fever centers around a metaverse of old-fashioned gold-digging.

Gold Fever is a skill-based survival RPG with a dark fantasy theme. The game is also employing a play-to-own model, where the in-game economy is the source of NFT value. Gold Fever is now trending as it prepares to introduce another set of NFT items. 

The goal is to create an enjoyable game with additional interactions and services between players.

Gold Fever will aim to create opportunities for in-game businesses. The main venue is a highly detailed realistic universe, where dedicated players can earn from activities that were usually only used for entertainment. The game has not neglected entertainment, as it is set in a highly finished 3D metaverse, similar in approach to games like Star Atlas.

Gold Fever is centered around equipping and running an old-fashioned gold-digging operation. For that to happen, players will need tools and items – and there will be plenty of players offering to supply the shovels and pick-axes.

Gold Fever Can Sustain a Seller’s Business

Players can set up shop and produce items or resources, or sell mining rights as land owners. All those activities have real in-game utility, helping the progress of other players who choose a different type of quest.

Trading in-game items has always represented a vast industry, but most of the trades were informal. With Gold Fever, players can open a storefront and become part of the game experience. Some of the enterprises can be a significant source of passive income, or be used for resales on the open NFT market. 

The in-game NFT offer a constantly open swap tool so players can trade among themselves, with no centralized control. The pricins will also be transparent and determined by the in-game rarity. Gold Fever aims to go several steps beyond static collectible NFT and bring its own standard of commercial NFT with intrinsic economic value. 

To facilitate trading, Gold Fever is tokenized with the NGL asset, currently trading at $0.18. In addition to token earnings, players can also participate in one of the biggest referral programs with a $150 onboarding bonus and potential long-term earnings. Gold Fever uses both Ethereum and BSC for its assets and transfers.

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