Star Heroes Calls for User Submissions to Create New Character

Star Heroes is a game in development, which may be closing to its beta launch with e-sports capabilities.
  • Star Heroes will aim to offer multiplayer and several modes of play with e-sports tournaments.
  • The game may release a free mint for spaceships soon.
  • Star Heroes is a high-grade 3D game where owning NFT is key to earning STAR tokens once the beta launches.

Star Heroes extends the trend of high-quality games with space battle multiplayer. The goal of Star Heroes was to offer a fast-paced skills-based cosmic battle, available for tournaments and multiplayer competitions.

Star Heroes may be another game that mixes the free-to-play model with owning NFT. The Heroes will be the ticket to gaining in-game income. One of the Heroes will be user-created, using AI tools like Midjourney. 

Star Heroes Brings E-Sports Potential

Star Heroes takes on the mission and battle idea, which has been developed by games like Alien Worlds. The space battles and missions will require different types of spaceships and equipment, urging players to acquire NFT. 

A similar star battle game was recently showcased by Star Atlas. Star Heroes is now in development, with plans to tweak the game so it would allow for e-sports tournaments.

Currently, the game is still in pre-development, while working on its capabilities of supporting e-sports tournaments. Currently, the game has not yet sold any NFT or tokens and is not represented with any digital items on marketplaces.

Star Heroes Aims for Active Development in 2023

Star Heroes is also worth watching for special events and an upcoming free mint for the first spaceships coming by the end of Q2. The beta game launch is planned for a few months ahead into 2023, when the game will be tokenized. 

The STAR token, the main asset in the game, is still not issued. STAR tokens will be highly scarce, with no initial mint or a team mint. STAR will be distributed within the game, or during special events. The game offers an equal early chance to start for all players and is one of the games to watch in 2023. 

The game’s main features have been developed by former experts working on The Witcher 3 and BladeRunner 2077. The upcoming release arrives after years in building, for another game-first project with claims on becoming a high-grade NFT and Web3 game.

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