Horizon Land: Immersive Metaverse with P2E Earnings Options

Horizon Land (ZON) is an immersive 3D metaverse game aiming to build an ambitious ecosystem of NFT, in-game earnings and content creation.
  • Horizon Land is trending after recent BNB Chain event.
  • ZON token is still waiting for activation and listings.
  • Creations on Unity 3D may be eligible for tokenization as NFT.

Horizon Land is an immersive P2E game aiming to emulate the idea of Meta, but with added Web3 features. Horizon Land combines free-to-play version with ownership of virtual land, NFT and staking. Horizon Land reminded of its efforts after coming near the top during a recent BNB Chain hackathon. 


The project, however, looks promising at a time when more Web3 solutions are being evaluated for growth potential and sustainability. Horizon Land has already managed to raise a seed round of $720K from four investors.

Horizon Land Offers Complex, Immersive Experience

Horizon Land has built one of the most detailed metaverses, now offering land plots and NFT heroes. The chief goal of Horizon Land is to have players equip their NFT and develop the land in accordance with the game’s vision of complexity and esthetics.

Within the metaverse, Horizon Land also offers PvP and PvE quests, as well as in-game missions to earn tokens. So far, Horizon Land has not listed its ZON token anywhere, and there is no price discovery mechanism. Yet the project has an ambitious goal of building a connected ecosystem of gameplays, NFT generation and land development.

Horizon Land has an experienced team from the Vietnam gaming industry, headed by Kenving Dang, a former gaming marketing expert. The game has a fully doxxed team and an ambitious roadmap, joining the trend of onboarding users with attractive gameplay before presenting the P2E option.

Horizon Land aims to center its metaverse around varied themes, which include building a metaverse university. 


To launch its token, NFT items and ongoing gameplay rewards, Horizon Land will build its main mechanics using Binance Smart Chain. The game will allow the usage of Unity 3D to create images and assets. As the game develops, the chief goal is to allow third-party building based on community standards.

Another potential tool for Horizon Land is the Game Center, where creators can build sub-games and even make a profit from game passes and special events.

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