The Sandbox Runs Game Jam Until July 17

The Sandbox (SAND) aims for organic growth, reserving its token for short-term rewards, tournaments and special NFT and metaverse events.
  • Actively playing The Sandbox in the coming weeks will open opportunities for SAND gains.
  • SAND remains among the most actively traded gaming tokens based on a metaverse project.

The Sandbox is opening another community event, a Game Jam with 15K SAND in reward funds. This time, the event aims to bring back interest in building and expanding the Sandbox metaverse.

SAND remains the most widely traded token with one of the highest market capitalizations in P2E space. SAND moved between $0.90 and $1.30 in the past week, still unable to break its peak around $5. SAND was expected to have a much higher valuation, but the Sandbox project is choosing a more organic approach. 

The Sandbox has a limited SAND staking program, as well as SAND rewards for the owners of metaverse land plots.

The Sandbox Aims for Sustainable Growth

SAND is still an important reward asset, though the team is not attempting to boost its price. Still, the metaverse project does not try to sell a P2E model, hence SAND does not face selling pressure similar to Axie Infinity or other similarly built games. SAND is considered a token with strong fundamentals, based on recent DappRadar research.

Instead, SAND is used in short-term events and in growing the metaverse, as well as for avatar upgrades and cosmetic items. SAND is also rewarded exclusively for short-term competitions. This leaves most SAND to trade based on its representation on Binance, Huobi, Coinbase and other top exchanges, ensuring robust liquidity. SAND is also a token exposing investors to the growth of Web3. 

The Sandbox also remains an example of the time it may take to have more completed Web3 projects. The studio has been around for more than a decade, only adding blockchain functionalities in the past few years. The Sandbox is still built on Ethereum, not signaling a need to move to a faster network. SAND is held in 144,649 wallets, with nearly 70% of outstanding tokens concentrated on exchanges.

The high trading activity means SAND is still capable of performing its own hikes, responding quickly to hype. SAND remains one of the most widely mentioned Ethereum projects.

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