How Benji Bananas Performs as a P2E Game with Apecoin (APE)

Apecoin (APE) introdiced the P2E model with game pass NFT on the free Benji Bananas game, as an option to earn additional tokens.
  • Benji Bananas already has 50M downloads as a free casual game.
  • APE was the first ETH-based token to add value to Benji Bananas.
  • The game uses the fame of BAYC NFT collection before the launch of Otherside Meta.

Benji Bananas, one of the games in the Animoca Brands family, transformed into a P2E game in March. The game started using Apecoin (APE), thus joining the growing Bored Ape Yacht Club and Yuga Labs ecosystem. 

Benji Bananas hinges on game pass with a rather steep price of $250. The game also gives away relatively high prices to compensate for the initial expense. On May 19, the game started its first season with high potential rewards.

Benji Bananas also supports the PRIMATE token, which started trading in late April. PRIMATE moved between $0.15 and $0.03, making the game’s rewards unpredictable. The new season starts with PRIMATE rewards at the lower range, with potential for appreciation. 

PRIMATE is listed on MEXC Global, and earlier on the Huobi Global exchange, becoming one of the more liquid and high-profile P2E tokens. With this, Benji Bananas becomes an even more prominent game. Even before offering token earnings, the game had more than 50M downloads, though only registering a few hundred players in the P2E version. Additionally, 80 game passes are offered on the secondary market on OpenSea, with varied asking prices between 0.1 ETH and 0.01 ETH.

Benji Bananas Linked to BAYC Ecosystem

Benji Bananas is performing a test run for the intended Bored Ape games coming in October. The Otherside Meta game is also using a similar model, though its gameplay has not been revealed yet. Benji Bananas requires full KYC and wallet registration before playing, making it one of the more transparent games.

The initial idea was for gamers to pay for passes in APE, and receive APE as a reward. Later, the PRIMATE Ethereum-based token could also be exchanged for APE. The APE token itself traded around $8.75, after reaching highs around $20 shortly after its trading launch.

Using the PRIMATE and APE features of Benji Bananas may entitle players to future airdrops and rewards. This is part of the potential connected ecosystem of BAYC, where perks and exclusive access are a central source of utility for the token and NFT ownership.

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