Idle Stoneage: New Addition to Casual P2E Coming July 11

KuCoin assisted Idle Stoneage with a recent IGO, raising $500K to boost development.
  • Idle Stoneage comes with two-token model, earning SHELL and SAX.
  • Game uses KuCoin Community Chain, compatible with MetaMask wallet.
  • The longer players hang around, the more they earn.

Idle Stoneage is a P2E game in the making that has finally reached its launch stage. The casual and idle game will offer tokenized earnings with a twist. More rewards will be accrued only after a longer period of play.

The goal is to encourage engagement while preventing greedy players or bots from strip-mining the game early. Idle Stoneage comes with its native SAX token, which is still untraded and untracked.

How Idle Stoneage Aims for Sustainability

Idle Stoneage uses the three-hero team model familiar from games like Axie Infinity or Crabada. The game can start with free Heroes, and the first task is to use the idle game and clear 30 levels for XP points. 

After that, the game will allow to challenge other teams to a duel. The game accrues SHELL and SAX, which can then be exchanged for Gems. The chief goal is to have a fluctuating daily exchange rate, thus matching the amount of game resources to the potential tokenization and exchange rate. This is a tool to stop players from over-exploiting the game for resources. 

The model is similar to that of Sunflower Land, though this time the value of resources is re-estimated daily. 

Idle Stoneage Completes IGO Fundraising

Just a few weeks ago, Idle Stoneage completed another token sale, or IGO, this time with the assistance of the KuCoin exchange. The game raised the equivalent of $500K for future development.

Before that, the game offered a period of idle mining for SHELL tokens, which ended on June 25.

All Stoneage assets depend on the KuCoin Community Chain, compatible with the MetaMask wallet. Heroes can be received within the game, from in-game draws, mystery boxes or from the marketplace. Heroes can be earned from quests or arena battles. The game’s goal is to become sustainable, with a more gradual shift from playing to token rewards.

The support of KuCoin and the launch of another idle game shows the P2E model is not entirely defunct, but may continue to exist with a new balance and reward structure.

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