Illuvium Overworld Launches Private Beta

Illuvium Zero is still in development, with no set deadline for the open beta game.
  • Illuvium has whitelisted the first 30K players to test the Overworld game.
  • Illuvium Zero still awaited for a full launch to turn the project into a top Web3 game.
  • ILV tokens remain near lows at $48 after significant value loss.

Illuvium has released a private beta version of its open-world game. Months after the initial sales of Illuvials and land, there is also an open exploration version with arena battles. The game is still closed to most players, as is the main Illuvium version, which is still being tested.

But the new launch of an open world is a sign Illuvium is moving in the direction of launching its game products. In previous years, Illuvium used the boom of the bull market to behave mostly as a decentralized finance hub. Now, with ILV market prices near a low range, the studio has upped its production to bring a complex Unreal Engine 5 world. 

For now, the Illuvium team limits the test accounts to 30K, after an initial signup period. The Illuvium Overworld precedes the launch of the full game, Illuvium Zero.

As with the initial game, Illuvium hinges around finding Illuvials and competing against other players for the most rare ones. Players upgrade their avatars with skins and new looks as the game progresses.

Illuvium Tries to Regain Popularity

Illuvium was one of the long-awaited projects in 2022, with some speculation of launching a beta version in Q2. But the game remains in production, with previews of terrains, Illuvials or other art details. The Overworld game and Arena mode are both available for download for the whitelisted early adopters. 

Illuvium is trying to keep up its engagement and appeal after taking a long time to build the game. Now, the game team is also launching a user-generated content challenge.

As for the tokenomics, ILV stalled at $48 after trading as high as $1,800. The production and distribution of ILV is also slowing down based on the predetermined schedule. Over time, ILV may become more scarce, with incentives to hold land and ILV tokens for passive income. 

The game’s goal is to evolve beyond NFT and token speculation and show that Web3 games can also be high-quality and rival traditional open worlds.

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