Illuvium Opens Extra Slots for Closed Beta Testing

Illuvium still has no set date for the open beta, but holds regular closed tests and competitions.
  • Illuvium showed a peek preview of its open-world exploration mode.
  • Illuvials will become more rare for all players after each in-game capture.
  • Closed beta spots offered through new partnerships.

Illuvium, one of the most ambitious P2E and GameFi projects, will extend its closed beta participation. The game announced a series of partnerships, for the opportunity to win extra spots in the game. CoinGecko and YGG Japan will give away game spots in a currently active lucky draw event. 

CoinGecko will distribute 50 game spots, running between November 1-8.

Another 70 spots will be available in partnership with Yield Guild Game (YGG). This time, the test will go as Public Beta phase II, while Illuvium has yet to announce a deadline for the open beta.

Illuvium is one of the most prominent games using ImmutableX and Ethereum to launch its ILV token and Illuvials, the game’s playable NFT. The game is still tweaking its art and graphics, while presenting more Illuvials. Arena mode is one of the new features to be tested after showing a demo preview of the environment and battle potential. 

Illuvium Offers Gameplay Sneak Peek

The Illuvium game has been working behind the scenes to offer an open-world exploration, in addition to the arena mode. 

Players can explore color-coded area, seeking out resources and hidden Illuvials to capture. Each Illuvial becomes more rare and elusive after capture, helping to boost value in the game, while raising the difficulty for all other players. 

The Illuvials creatures will also have value as NFT, in addition to the creatures already minted before the game launch. Until now, Illuvial NFT reached 2,331 ETH in turnover, with 76% listed on the secondary market. Owning or capturing Illuvials will be key to the Arena mode, where the creatures face off against each other. 

Illuvium Focuses More on Game, Less on GameFi

For months, Illuvium relied on ILV staking as one of its main attractors, even without a live game. ILV fell from a peak at four-digit prices, to a current level around $65. 

Illuvium now faces the challenge of achieving in-time revenues once the game launches as open beta. Currently, ILV is considered too risky, despite being linked to a potential high-grade P2E and NFT game.

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