Magic Craft Game Returns to Open Community Tournaments

Magic Craft offers competitive matches, community events and tournaments with chance to earn MCRT tokens.
  • Magic Craft removed the NFT limitation and opened tournaments to the wider community.
  • The game offers social media quests to earn the first MCRT tokens.
  • Magic Craft prepares a series of updates with new Heroes, maps and content in 2023.

Magic Craft brings a MMO war and conquest game, and has now returned to organizing community tournaments open to anyone. Magic Craft has already created a complex guild system, as well as a balanced in-game economy. The goal for players is to build clans and challenge other teams within the Magic Craft environment.

Magic Craft earnings hinge on victories, and the winner can also levy tax in the fantasy land, earning the game’s token, MCRT. The game also centers around the various classes of characters, all with different skills, weapons, and cosmetic items. 

Magic Craft launched this April 3 as a relatively new game with added P2E opportunities and tradable NFT. For its launch, Magic Craft removed previous NFT gating, opening the game for free to a wider community.

Magic Craft Now Available on Mobile

Magic Craft released its mobile version, just days before renewing tournament events. The game is available for direct download with Android and iOS versions.

Magic Craft is a scalable app that has chosen to go game-first. The game uses Binance Smart Chain for its tokens and ownerships, though on-chain uses are still more rare. Downloads are just starting out, with 1K Android users already acquiring the game.

Magic Craft repeats the recipe of mobile MMO games, with dynamic battles and personalized animations for the rich character cast. Players team up to engage in battles over a varied terrain of arenas. 

The game team is also boosting its community building, with social media quests to earn the first MCRT tokens and possibly use them for in-game advantages. Community influence is important for Magic Craft, as some of the events and battles are organized through community channels. MCRT can also be earned from victories against other teams.

Magic Craft is a relatively new game, with a busy roadmap ahead. The tournaments are just starting out, and Magic Craft is also preparing for new maps, battle types and design changes by the end of Q2. Magic Craft will also boost Web3 components with more MCRT earning opportunities, including daily challenges.

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