Treeverse: Promising MMORPG to Open Pre-Alpha Stage Soon

Treeverse plans to build an open world with varied biomes, adventure, resource -gathering and battle mode.
  • Treeverse aims to build a complex, fantasy-themed game with item ownership.
  • The game plans free-to-play launch with added NFT potential.
  • Treeverse is backed by Animoca Brands and has a full in-house development team.

Treeverse, an upcoming MMORPG, may enter watch lists with the promise of launching a pre-alpha test stage before the end of 2022. Treeverse will work as an open, metaverse-like world win no guilds or affiliations. 

Treeverse is a game of stunning graphics, teasing with a trailer at the end of July. The gameplay is centered around a tree world of magic and fantasy. 

Treeverse will have an exploration mode, a resource-driven game, as well as teaming up for battle mode. Currently, the game team has teased on the pre-alpha limited release as detailed in its monthly progress report. The game team has not revealed the choice of early players, but the game is worth watching for early whitelisting opportunities. 

The game team has set up most of the game’s imagery and biomes, also setting up the game’s assets to turn it into an open world. The game team also has set up a date for the pre-alpha release, though still keeping it a secret. However, the advanced state of production means the launch is an event to watch out for. 

Treeverse Prepares for Free Version

Treeverse will launch as a free-to-play game, once it is completed. The intentions of the team are to keep Web3 components to just NFT items. However, ownership will not affect the major gameplay. With this, Treeverse resembles games like Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, where the NFT are a bonus, but not a key element for the game. 

Treeverse is also worth watching as yet another game title backed by Animoca Brands. More and more complex games are adding a Web3 element, while also attempting to differentiate from the first generation of play-to-earn games and GameFi projects. For now, Treeverse has not hinted at creating a fungible token and internal game economics. 

Treeverse adds to the selection of metaverse games with a fantasy theme. Close types of games include the VulcanVerse, Ancient Society, Illuvium and MetaKingdom. The advantage of those games is they can attract traditional gamers, especially if the NFT element is optional.

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