Mecha Morphing Completes DAO, MAPE Token Staking System

Mecha Morphing is a syberpunk RPG with multiple game modes, Arena battles coming in August 2022 based on roadmap.
  • Mecha Morphing shares earnings through a DAO, encouraging MAPE staking.
  • Game ticket earnings to be used for further game development.
  • Game team secured $2M in venture funding.

Mecha Morphing is a trending RPG game with cyberpunk atmosphere, bringing five modes of action in a complete browser-based P2E experience. Mecha Morphing is similar to other NFT character-driven games, with PVE, PVP Loot Mode, PVP Arena, Forging, and Bounty modes.

The game is open by invitation code, planning to release VR version in June. In August, the game will open its arena system.

The game is also appealing for having a highly developed value ecosystem based on the MAPE token for voting and governance. Mecha Morphing has also formed a DAO, allowing gamers to benefit from the game’s popularity and development. 

MAPE is a newly arrived token, with trading history since April 2022. The asset has seen volatile performance, ranging between peaks above $3.40, but is down to $0.14. MAPE is supported by a secondary asset, MMC, which is accrued from PvP or PvE activity. 

Staking MMC also produces MAPE income. Additionally, MAPE farming can give additional income for long-term locking of the tokens.

The game also includes the potential for outsourcing tasks and setting up payments through a smart contract. 

The in-game token can be further added to the game balance and purchase or upgrade NFT. The game offers NFT tokens for land, characters, weapons and armor. All items are fully owned, can be upgraded to higher stats and potentially keep their value. 

Mecha Morphing Aims for Sustainable Growth

Mecha Morphing aims to escape from the model of linear progression and grinding by offering several modes. Different types of play can be tried at some point of character development. For instance, a character can progress from idle play and resource-gathering to battle, once weapons and armor are powerful enough.

Mecha Morphing is ahead in its completion and has additionally drawn in $2M in venture financing and another $400K from token sales. The game will sell battle tickets and take upgrade fees with the goal of reinvesting in game development. Mecha Morphing aims for a sustainable P2E model while offering regular upgrades of images and game challenges.

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