Mobox Releases 3D Avatars, Becomes Top Binance NFT Collection

Mobox NFT remains the leading game, with MOMOVerse growing its user base with challenges and special rewards.

Mobox remains one of the most successful NFT games, combining staking and competitive gameplay. Now, the game prepares for a new collection of 3D avatars to boost its already impressive collection of players and Momo characters.

The Mobox game is also among the top 5 most visited in May, mostly due to the influence of Mobox NFT Farmer. But the MOMOVerse and its challenges, including MOMOBall and other resource-gathering missions are also raising the game’s influence. Mobox was also among the most active NFT markets, outpacing Axie Infinity this week and lining up among the top 10 of coins and tokens.

Mobox NFT farmer still has around 3.6K players, but locks in $36.07M in value for staking. MoLand Defense is also among the growing sub-games, recently updating and entering its fifth playing season.

Block Brawler, MoLand Defense and Token Master are all finishing their latest season this week, and preparing for the next one. 

MBOX Token Lines Up Among Most Traded

The MBOX token was also among the most actively traded on Binance Smart Chain, on a daily and weekly basis.

MBOX is also being used during the ongoing Mobox avatar burn challenge, which aims to mop up excess NFT in exchange for BNB and MBOX prizes. The challenge on Binance NFT also has the task of nudging the NFT owners to go through a KYC process. Until now, the Momo avatar airdrops have been open to all and anonymous.

MBOX may evolve to have its own blockchain, the Mobox Chain. The launch is expected for Q4, 2022. Currently, the MBOX token awaits more listings and liquidity. MBOX traded at $0.87, sinking under the $1 range in the past week. MBOX is now near its three-month lows, becoming another game token where the project is solid but the bear market takes its toll on the price.

The Mobox game, however, gives the advantage of constant earnings and upgrades, with MOMO and avatar scarcity down the line. MBOX tokens also get regular burns to diminish supply.

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