MekaApes by Oogaverse: This NFT Game Brings Playable Evolution

MekaApes will release new whitepaper, while becoming top earner based on NFT staking.

The Oogaverse is showing growth in its NFT-based popularity, as the playable avatars gain fandom. This collection of pixelated unique playable apes combines two major trends – ape avatars and play to earn mechanics. The game also includes character evolution and breeding mechanics for special NFTs known as BabyApes.

MekaApes, formerly known as SpaceApes, is just days from launching a new white paper for the intermediate stage of the product. In the meantime, the game is in its early launch stages while also offering robust secondary market sales and passive income opportunities.

On OpenSea, MekaApes has a collection of 55,000 items available, with a 0.05 ETH floor price. 

MekaApes Introduces Factory Mechanics

MekaApes introduces the potential for  passive, automated gameplay, while also setting an entry barrier. To grind passive income, there are several choices. 

Owning RoboOoga can produce OG tokens, but may require an investment of DMT tokens to level up. MekaApes allow for the biggest OG rewards, but also need leveling up or buying a high-level NFT. DMT is rare and only produced for owning a Genesis Ooga. 

The OG token itself has the incentive to be self-limiting, as it is used to produce and level up RoboOoga.

What is the DMT Asset

DMT is the native asset of the MekaApes game, and it is still not displaying pricing information. For now, it can be confused for other assets of the same ticker. For now, MekaApes are the most liquid source of income from this play to earn game. 

The Oogaverse project is also one of the most lucrative in terms of NFT-based passive returns, as ranked by Origins NFT passive yield charts.

Breeding a baby Ooga will also increase DMT awards. The DMT token can be claimed at any time through the Oogaverse website, by connecting the MetaMask wallet. New MekaApes or Oogas are compatible with the new smart contract, which also accepted the migration of the former collection, SpaceApes.

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